Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i've had the song 'danke schoen' stuck in my head for at least four days now. they keep looping it at work. saw 'ferris bueller's day off' at a midnight showing at this theater a while ago and after watching it, the girl i was with, who was seeing it for the first time and in a theater nonetheless, was fixated on the fact that during that famous parade scene the entire crowd knows the lyrics to 'danke schoen.' nothing else in that movie made her bat a lash. oh, yeah, all that other zany john hughes shit, nothing, every day of her life. 

it reminded me of how in workshop, kids'll get stuck on the most mundane things if they're not mimetic to real life. BUT HOW COULD THAT PHONE CALL HAVE BEEN MADE AT THAT TIME WHEN CALL-WAITING WAS BUT A SUGGESTION? in the case of lady parts, it was funny and endearing, but in the workshop climate shit can be timesuck of all timesucks. in some instances, sure it's distracting, if that's what they're going for, real life twinning and the whole schtick. in that context, sometimes. but in 'ferris bueller' it's to be expected. the whole movie is one crazy fuck all of every high school kid's wet dream. 

anyway, apologies for not posting more. busy with mfa shit and general schoolness. also, took a break from writing a monster pedagogical paper to watch raekwon on jimmy fallon. and then listened to 'danke schoen' on youtube for a half hour to purge. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Apologies for not posting sooner. Schoolworks, work works, novel works. Anyhow, we are now listed on Newpages and were on the front page of The Millions Blog, thanks to Garth Risk Hallberg. We were called handsome and then we feigned embarrassment while secretly fistpumping the air behind your backs. 

Also, check out The Millions because they've got a great on-going "Year in Reading" segment where they ask motherfuckers in the know about reading. For example: Jesse Ball, William Gass, Deb Olin Unferth, Diane Williams, and a few others. 

Keep sending us stuff: championsubs@gmail.com. We've been getting disgustingly good stank so far but we're greedy so keep feeding us. We already have some ridiculous things set up for next issue. 

Thursday, December 3, 2009

rectangles full of words

So, a few of the CHAMPION SQUAD have books out or books forthcoming:

Blake Butler's EVER from Calamari and Scorch Atlas from Featherproof are disgusting in the most mind and body wrecking ways.

Mathias Svalina has a silly amount of chapbooks and poetry books out, but most of all you should purchase his latest, from CSU Press, Destruction Myths

Adam Robinson has a forthcoming book that you can pre-order from Narrow House called ADAM ROBISON AND OTHER POEMS. I've read the intro and a few poems from this beast. It will hurt you.

You can find Gary Lutz's Stories in the Worst Way re-released from Calamari. These stories will certainly worst you for the worster. 

And lastly, our friend Adam has the foresight and tastemaker's bravura to decide to release a chapbook from A. Minetta Gould and a collection of short stories from Rachel B. Glaser in 2010. Keep posted. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

drop lines

thanks to everyone who has been reading and spreading the word and sending stuff in. most of the spread has been word of mouth and we're already getting a ridic amount of hits/views/whatever you prefer. 

if you enjoy a particular piece, you should hit up the respective writer. almost all are internets ready, check that, all are. 

a. minetta gould - http://www.lonesomefowl.com/

re: mind blown. thanks so and so. my brain batter was once skull kept but is now sitting pretty lap-ready. sincerely, the person who is sending you this note. 

something along those lines.