Saturday, August 14, 2010


Julie Doxsee lent us these. That is remarkable. From Objects For a Fog Death. Also an interview with Julie by Genna Kohlhardt will be up in a day or two.

Ocean Show

26 new letters hydroplane

the space between our

mouths. Somewhere

on a map my body

meets your fingerprint

on its way to the next

city, then you fold

it up. Your body is

a map of skin more

you than your skin.

The Opposite of Fire

The future is swamped with

the 100 years of things to say

we seal in a box to oxidize a

century. When I meet you sleeping

you watch me with a crowbar

return to it nightly to wait. Days

change color inside, an only

child’s voice says from the back

of your breath. We sleep

on that voice as it kills us.

Our Child is a Vulture

Had we the chance to touch what

lives in the folds between each

bird, we would collect it, bring it

to a hill, give it wheels & let it freefall

to the arms of bigger angels. You see

my teeth inside your words, this house

you make for me taking over the city

one ghost at a time. Architecture grows

like a root until parts of my air meet yours

in the corner of the east wing closest to

the ocean you stand on, waiting to feel

walls vanish on your lips.


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