Thursday, December 3, 2009

rectangles full of words

So, a few of the CHAMPION SQUAD have books out or books forthcoming:

Blake Butler's EVER from Calamari and Scorch Atlas from Featherproof are disgusting in the most mind and body wrecking ways.

Mathias Svalina has a silly amount of chapbooks and poetry books out, but most of all you should purchase his latest, from CSU Press, Destruction Myths

Adam Robinson has a forthcoming book that you can pre-order from Narrow House called ADAM ROBISON AND OTHER POEMS. I've read the intro and a few poems from this beast. It will hurt you.

You can find Gary Lutz's Stories in the Worst Way re-released from Calamari. These stories will certainly worst you for the worster. 

And lastly, our friend Adam has the foresight and tastemaker's bravura to decide to release a chapbook from A. Minetta Gould and a collection of short stories from Rachel B. Glaser in 2010. Keep posted. 


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