Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i've had the song 'danke schoen' stuck in my head for at least four days now. they keep looping it at work. saw 'ferris bueller's day off' at a midnight showing at this theater a while ago and after watching it, the girl i was with, who was seeing it for the first time and in a theater nonetheless, was fixated on the fact that during that famous parade scene the entire crowd knows the lyrics to 'danke schoen.' nothing else in that movie made her bat a lash. oh, yeah, all that other zany john hughes shit, nothing, every day of her life. 

it reminded me of how in workshop, kids'll get stuck on the most mundane things if they're not mimetic to real life. BUT HOW COULD THAT PHONE CALL HAVE BEEN MADE AT THAT TIME WHEN CALL-WAITING WAS BUT A SUGGESTION? in the case of lady parts, it was funny and endearing, but in the workshop climate shit can be timesuck of all timesucks. in some instances, sure it's distracting, if that's what they're going for, real life twinning and the whole schtick. in that context, sometimes. but in 'ferris bueller' it's to be expected. the whole movie is one crazy fuck all of every high school kid's wet dream. 

anyway, apologies for not posting more. busy with mfa shit and general schoolness. also, took a break from writing a monster pedagogical paper to watch raekwon on jimmy fallon. and then listened to 'danke schoen' on youtube for a half hour to purge. 


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