Monday, January 11, 2010


back from vacation. reading through submissions. next issue will probably be out around march. i wish i could put 'em out faster but fact of the matter is, i'm doing this shit solo and i'm a grad student that teaches and tutors and has to eke out time to work on my ownsome. that being said, i could probably honestly still put out more issues a year but i'm doing this with the help of an impossibly talented web designer who also has to put work in on other websites. and lastly, i'm not sure how you feel, but i'm not necessarily in favor of online lit mags putting out issues every other week or blasting our faces with 27 different contributors. sorry, but i see that much shit roll past my eyes and there's a little balk in the caverns of my onepiece. what i'm trying to say is, with every issue i'm probably not going to include more than 9-10 contributors. and until the next issue is up i'm still going to try and get people to go back and read the pieces. once it hits shit ain't over. i'll still hold a knife up to a motherfucker to get 'em to read "pee on water." maybe i'm a dick and i'm not utilizing technology to its utmost but i really feel the pieces i pick and i want them to murk as many bodies as possible. if slowroll is that way, so be it. more and faster ain't always better, dig?  


At January 14, 2010 at 11:33 PM , Anonymous Jess said...

Aww man Gene.. I'm blushin'..


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